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Real plumber reviewsReal plumber reviews

Real plumber reviews

Babs Brennan

Outdoor Spigot not working. Technician throughly looked at system inside & out before making a recommendation. Listened to Landlord regarding issue. It ended up being a minor doable fix on spot. Estimate was very fair. Problem fixed and then technician went and checked all of systems inside house to make sure everything was working properly.

Lori Hall

Jake was awesome fought with the home warranty ahs for over 2 hrs to prove to them the water heater was leaking (they asked why,how long,and what we did to make it leak lol) then after getting ahold of a supervisor got the job done. It looks so much better,he even cleaned the over flow pan before putting the new one in. Even 5hough it was a bit out of the way the service was super

Terrance Eggen

Matthew was clean, polite, on time, and left a clean work site. Put in new faucet and kitchen sink.

Allison Berardi

Plumb rite is amazing! We use them exclusively! Today Kirk and Garry replaced our shower fixtures and re-routed the water line for our new fridge.

Evan Stewart

I had a new kitchen sink faucet to install that required new plumbing. I also had Plumb-Rite update all house plumbing from very old, hard to reach copper plumbing to newer, easy to access pipe. The whole house plumbing was updated and Plumb-Rite made sure everything was done well and up to code. Very happy with their professional and quick service.

Carol Breidenbach

They are wonderful..I would never use anyone else. They gave me wonderful service and I love Jake .he likes to visit!!!!!

Bev Ferris

Great service. Professional and knowledgeable. Quick response and great communication. Professional service representatives and office staff. Replaced pressure tank. Great stable installation.

Tim Hanson

Service technician Tristan found our back up problem and fixed right away. Explained everything and made some recommendations for further necessary work. Very professional and knew what he was doing. Great guy. Excellent representative for the company.

Leslie Erickson

Tristan replaced two faucets and the innards of two toilets. He is professional, pleasant and a very competent plumber. We highly recommend Plum-Rite.

Trevor Palmer

This week we had Tristan come out and do the plumbing in our unfinished basement. We were incredibly impressed with Tristans professionalism and quality of work. He came in and did an amazing job and left the place spotless! Also was very helpful with picking out the perfect bath.

Sandi Patera

I recently called Plumb-Rite on a Saturday for what I believed was a clog in my septic line. Jake and Garry came out to Marion where I live and soon discovered that it was not a clog but that my line from the tank to the lift station and a few feet beyond was frozen. They have water jet equipment but it was in town. They drove back to town and got the equipment, came back out and by 8:00 p.m. had the line thawed. These guys don’t quit until the problem is solved. They were awesome and I was so happy that I had called them. I highly recommend them for their integrity, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond to solve problems.

Grizzly Window Washing

We used jake and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

Anthony Herrera

I have to thank each and every one one of you. For your service and patience..To all Veterans looking for an understanding and patient plumbing business I surely recommend Plumb Rite and it’s employees, top notch technician, ready to serve his customer in accordance with business policy. As stated they are very patient with veterans. I am a disabled veteran and unfortunately Plumb-Rite has no idea which customer they are going to get on the line mr pleasant or mr hide, either way they were prompt courteous and very professional. Speaking to Sabrina and another customer representative I apologize for forgetting her name, however eased my stress...Once again I would highly Recommend Plumb Right to all...Thank you again for all your service....

Kris Kramer

These guys and gals are amazing. Prompt service. Knowledgeable, professional, well-equipped. I have had them for major jobs, hot-water tanks and pressure tanks, and little jobs, leaky toilets and faucets, and they did great work. So very timely and friendly, too.

Leslie Kay West

Very prompt and professional service when I was most desperately in need! Very efficient, upbeat and knowledgeable technician.

Leticia Ortiz

Tristan was excellent. He did his job promptly and was very thorough and straight forward. He was informative and broke down everything he was doing step by step for us whenever we asked. He was extremely patient and did a great job installing our new water heater. I woulf definitely recommend him as a plumber to anyone looking. 5 stars!

Leigh Thorson

Though the problem was more involved than originally estimated Jake did a superior job. Shower pressure restored and look forward to many enjoyable showers

Karen Haven

We were very pleased with the work Jake did for us this morning, answered all our questions. We were so thankful that they could do the work to day, we just called this morning. We would call them again and recommend them to others!

Big Bub

Had a tough problem outside and the response was immediate. Jake came out, assessed the problem, and fixed it quickly. He also took the time to educate me on plumbing basics and gave suggestions and how to protect my outdoor pipes through the winter. Thanks for the good work!

Franklin Boyd

On March 2, 2020 Jake Slingerland was despatched to handle our plumbing emergency. He was courtesy and very informative about the repair needs to be done and gave us various opotions in making repairs to our septic pump. He is a great asset to your company.

Tracy Zeiss

Service is excellent price was more than expected.

Patty Kennelly

I was referred to Plumb-Rite by a friend and the owner called me from Mexico to say that he wasnt available and then I had the pleasure of being served by Sabrina and James. Sabrina was super fast at returning my call and making sure I didnt need after hours service and James has been unbelievable, taking what was a very challenging job, thinking about creative solutions and fixing more than the problem I called about. Thanks for the awesome service!!!

Laura Bodily

James did such a great job! He was on time, fast, and efficient. He also gave great advice on what to on our upcoming bathroom remodel! Thanks Plumb-Rite!!

Clayton Dyson

Great job and super responsive! James Lisk showed up quickly and fixed our flooding basement- Thanks for the quick response and excellent work!

Ted Joern

I usually do my own plumbing but wanted to get a specific water heater brand that only sells to plumbers. I called another plumbing business who wouldnt give any information over the phone and they wanted to charge a service fee for getting an estimate. I called Plumb-Rite and they sent a guy over for a free estimate. After a lengthy discussion I decided to have Plumb-Rite do the water heater replacement entirely. And when the item was going to be back-ordered from the vendor they beat the bushes and found one locally, and after that, they even called me back to offer an earlier appointment due to a cancellation. The technician did excellent work. I would certainly give them a 2 thumbs up - 5 star rating.

Sue Treadwell

I had recently moved to the area and was having a house remodeled, and needed a lot of plumbing work done! I needed to find a good plumber and fast! Plumb Rite to the rescue! Jake and Tristan came out and did an amazing job. They were fast, professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable. They plumbed the gas for my range, they installed my new dishwasher, they plumbed my refrigerator for the ice maker, and put in my washer and dryer. they also replaced two toilets, and a bathroom cabinet sink and fixtures. I couldnt be happier with the work they did. I highly recommend this company, and especially Jake and Tristan.

Cyndi Turner

James came was was very friendly and professional. Great service. Wonderful price . Will be calling them again.

Anthony Esqueda

Jake came out and took a look at our system to see what was up, he got the job done and was very efficient. Extremely helpful, patient and over all great guy! Dealing with jake was a great experience, he was super friendly. I would work with him again! 10/10 for sure!!

Chad Campbell

Tristan and Ricky did a great job they were fast and efficient.

Rich Newbury

I have used Kirk and his crew for many years for numerous jobs of my customers, on my rental properties and even my own primary residence. In virtually ever case he and his staff have been incredibly easy to work with during all times of the year. Yes, even during those brutal cold snaps last Winter. Sabrina, in the office, has been a major asset to work with and fill the gap when the crews in the field have their hands full of who knows what. I say GREAT JOB in a tough business with more peaks and valleys than our local mountain range. These folks work all hours of the day and night and I dont hear them complain about a thing. Pricing is right in there with other companies, I have used. Occasionally, when Plumb Rite staff are slammed with work, I have used others cuz there was simply no choice, but most of the time, I would rather wait a little longer until they can get to me or my customers. As we all know, this business is hard to "wait for," but it is worth it, when you can. This type of industry does NOT exactly run like clockwork. Many of the "fixes" are working with old, rusty, dirty, filthy, contaminated, stripped out, sewage infested, parts. Yup, Id gladly give them the benefit of the doubt to put in new parts, as needed, so we are not doing repairs all over again, in the near future.

Jason Mills

Called, had a guy over in less that 24 hours, he (David) did a fantastic job, was super nice, would recommend.

Kristine Koeneman

James was our plumber for a sink faucet installation. He was efficient and explained everything every step of the way. I appreciated the upfront pricing and how he stuck to the price quoted. Sabrina in the office was very professional and upbeat. I will call them again for service.

Adam Pitman

Great company. Jacob is a smart and diligent worker. Very friendly. Highly recommended!

Sarah Stoken

Plumb-Rite is a great company!! They did awesome and kept me calm in a chaotic situation. Our sewer was backing up into the house and we had to have the main sewer line replaced. They were clean and professional. They are hard working and very knowledgeable. Thank you Plumb-Rite! They are my go to plumber!!

Bill Burton

Kirk and crew are simply the best. Highly recommend . All projects , from start to finish have been done professionally, on time , with attention to detail that is rare these days. A great company to work with.

Vickie Antoline

We have used plumb Rite for all of our plumbing needs and they are awesome! Fast and Courteous and very friendly people. In my business When I am asked to recommend someone I choose Plumb-Rite!!!

Ben Z

These guys came to root our sewer line out to the alley. They came on time, gave the price up front and were very professional.

Samuel Harworth

Great Montana Company! Yes, they cost more than Roto-Rooter, but the service is so much better. The roots from a nearby tree blocked up our sewer line Saturday and we called Plumb-Rite. The technician Jason was great, he explained things, and then free of charge he ran a camera down the line to show me the root situation, after seeing his work he decided he didnt do a good enough job so he went back in and did the clean-out thing again, free of charge. Consider spending that extra 100 the next time you need work done, youll get a great technician with a great attitude who really does want to have a happy customer at the end of the job.